Ellen Shapiro - Create Positive Change


Resonance Repatterning

“I felt great this morning when I awoke and spent some time journaling. THANK YOU for such a deep and generous session. This is powerful work and you are very gifted!” L., advertising and media consultant

“I have to say that Resonance Repatterning is the most integrated and deepest approach I’ve encountered to date. And you’re SO present in facilitating the person’s process without getting in the way.” L., psychotherapist

“My ability to cope with my living problems is so much better than it was when I started working with you 4 months ago. Since I realize they’re not going to disappear, being able to cope with them constructively and working towards positive solutions is an outstanding option to have.” H., technology professional


“Once again let me thank you for that wonderful and powerful session. Things seem to be moving and clearing for me and I'm feeling very happy.” M., counselor and holistic practitioner

“Good news! After our session, the intestinal rumbling and discomfort after eating is gone. And I’m feeling much more connected, much more part of the human race, ” N., retired professor.

“I can’t get over how specifically tailored to me those healing modalities were!” C., craniosacral therapist

“What a miracle! My divorce has finally gone through—after 4 years of trying to get my husband to let go of our marriage. Now it’s over, just two weeks after my second session with you.” S., teacher



“Your voice alone is so healing”

“You’ve really got the touch!”




“I haven’t had this kind of fun moving since I was a kid!”

“Danskinetics helped me connect to 'the goddess within'. The class was moving and enjoyable—dancing with Ellen is so easy!”