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"The repatterning work with you has been great for me! A week ago I participated in the group repatterning wanting to manifest $25,000. I found out yesterday that I am getting a $26,000 bonus. In three of the past six years my company chose to not pay out bonuses, so it was not a given that I was going to receive anything.

In addition, I participated in your three-day intensive and believe I broke through a very negative pattern as it relates to men. I used to date "below me", give my power to men, and stay in unhappy relationships because I don't want to be alone. Recently, instead of talking myself into going on a second date with someone, I called him and cancelled and was even honest about why I changed my mind. I felt so strong and good about myself. I deserve the best... not second best!"

From another participant: "I I didn't know what to expect, but I was evidently 'called' to join in your last manifesting session. Gotta say "WOW!"
Today I was filled with energy, confidence, and freedom from some pain that has dogged me for a month. It has to be more than a coincidence."

Joyful Manifesting 2.0 - Upgraded for 2017

Done-for-you energy work for manifesting your intentions, dreams & goals.

Which of these Seven Goals Continue to Elude You?

Even smart, aware, and motivated people like you can be blocked by subconscious, deeply entrenched limiting beliefs.

Despite your hard work toward your heart's desires - important things you wish to create still seem just outside your reach.

Joyful Manifesting focuses with laser precision to identify your personal obstructions and clear the way for your individual intentions. Are you yearning for clarity and greater abundance in any of these key areas?

Money: You want to move out of survival and just getting by, attract new clients or more sales and create a solid income, feel more empowered and confident handling money and create wealth with ease.

Career: You want to change your career, or feel more fulfilled in your current work; you seek to attract helpful people, recognition and publicity, interviews, and opportunities

Relationships: You want to improve your relationship and your communication with your mate, or with business partners, associates and clients, and attract new positive supportive relationships.

Family: You want to heal conflicts within your marriage, and relationships with children, parents or siblings, address generational wounds and live in greater harmony with each other.

Health: You want more energy and vitality, to release weight, replace unwanted habits with healthier ones, heal emotionally based dis-ease, recover from illness, and feel more at ease in your body.

Spirituality: You want to live more consciously and feel connected to Source, strengthen your intuition, hear and trust your inner guidance more, and develop-- or be more regular--with your spiritual practice.

Joyful Manifesting works for goals in any aspect of your life.

Take a moment to listen to three Joyful Manifesters as they share their experiences:

Taking a Backhoe to Negative Energy: Click here to listen

My Husband and I now live with a greater sense of ease: Click here to listen

Especially Powerful for Moving Me Forward: Click here to listen

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Go beyond your limits--cross the threshold into more joy, prosperity and love. Experience obstacle clearing done for you by distance that will help you elevate your mood, energy and motivation, and reach your goals faster.

Joyful Manifesting has been helping hundreds of people get clear on what they want and get unstuck and out of their own way, to easily eliminate self-sabotage and negative beliefs. It will open you to a sense of greater possibilities, and "rev up" your Attractor Factor to become a magnet for what you want to manifest in your life smoothly and without struggle.

When challenges come up, when problems or delays happen, when you get thrown off track by tuning into mass-consciousness too much—use Joyful Manifesting to shake it off and get back on track.

This program helps you stay optimistic, motivated and expecting the best. This in turn makes you receptive to your greatest good, open to magic and synchronicities. Where action is needed, you'll find it easier to stay in inspired action.

All of this keeps you in the flow of prosperity, miracles, better relationships and positivity. See how Joyful Manifesting clients have benefitted, by clicking here. (link to benefits sub-page B).

Receive the benefit of this program working for you each month, without interruption. Every month, during the week around the Full Moon, you will receive three powerful energy clearing sessions from me, done by proxy or distance. Moon cycles have been used since ancient times to align with the natural powers of creation, and the full moon is the perfect time to release old beliefs AND bring intentions into full expression.

For 2017, I've made changes so it's become even more powerful and user-friendly—read here about Version 2.0 and how it's been enhanced and expanded.

You can tell if Joyful Manifesting is right for you if:

  • You lose your optimism, faith or peace of mind when things don't happen when on your timetable. You get impatient, feel discouraged and start to doubt yourself or the Universe.
  • You've hit a 'ceiling' or 'upper limit' and feel stuck—you can't get beyond a certain level of prosperity, happiness or emotional and physical health, or if you do, you don't maintain the improvement.
  • You need a course correction after going through loss or difficulty, to get back into a more positive optimistic state of mind.
  • You already do a lot--EFT, affirmations, Law of Attraction work, but they're not working well, or fast enough. You seek a jump start-something that will make manifesting faster, easier and struggle-free.
  • You're frustrated, depressed, or just plain worn out from struggling to make things happen.

If you're good and ready for this to change, go here to register.

Not Just Another Coaching program, Joyful Manifesting is "Transformation Made Easy"

The work is done for you, behind the scenes, like a computer operating system for positive change. That makes it perfect for anyone who's already on information overload, or overwhelmed by your to-do list or self-improvement projects. Joyful Manifesting works quickly, fits easily into a busy schedule, and can make a big difference in your life.

You mean, you don't have time to do tons of journaling, or repeat affirmations for days on end? Maybe you can't bear purchasing another personal growth program that sounds great but is likely to sit on your hard drive gathering dust. I've been there too.

If any of this sounds like you—this program is just right for you: Transformation made Easy. Jump right in and get things moving for you!

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  • Discover here why this work is so effective and why now is the perfect time for it?

  • Learn how I do this energy work and your part in it here

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What is Joyful Manifesting 2.0? What's been enhanced for 2017?

Bottom line: More Transformation, Less Intensity, More supportive and 'evened-out' energy shifts, and easier to read session notes.

The big picture: Amped up energy, 3 sessions per month during the course of a week . Two levels of participation-Gold or Silver. Gold members save money and stay in the flow. Silver members join for any single month "A la carte" to get an extra boost or to move past a barrier in a particular area.

Important features:

  1. You get 3 sessions during a week period, each month, instead of 5 sessions in a row, once every two months. This should smooth out the ups and downs that some people have experienced and keep things in steady motion. You are actually getting an extra session, 6 over a two month period (instead of 5).
  2. Stay in the flow in between months, with manifesting tips & inspirational email/blog posts, one around the New Moon, and additionally as I am guided, to keep you connected and to provide ongoing support.
  3. Two membership levels: Joyful Manifesting Gold (ongoing subscriber) or Silver (a la carte, choose each month whether to join).

Gold-subscribe for 6 months at a time; be sure you don't miss a single session! Same great fee since 2008. The cost for all this transformation is just $57 per month.

Membership automatically renews at 6 months (with a reminder so you can opt-out at that time). Even with a subscription, you are free to stop receiving sessions at any time--cancel by the 28th of any month to end your regular participation for the next month.

Other benefits (gold members only):

  1. Gift a friend-just $20 more to add a friend, two of you can do it for $77. (Gold level only)
  2. Private session(s) at a discount, must be taken within your subscription period.

Silver: "A La Carte"Joyful Manifesters sign up a month at a time. Same great clearing, all the benefits, no monthly subscription. Each month you will have to remember to re-enroll (and you will get reminders to support you), and you then choose whether to participate that month. Your cost is $81 per month.

Register today by clicking here

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Now is the time to Expand Your Vision of What is Possible!

Joyful Manifesting helps bring in what you want to have in your life, faster, easier and without pain or struggle-and it does even more than that.

This potent energy work is also about the evolving, full-spectrum, light-filled human being that is You-and how you grow as you travel along your manifestation journey.

By getting clearer on what you want and resonating with the idea that it IS possible for you, by taking the necessary actions to manifest your abundance, and learning how to stay patient, positive, and proactive, you can travel beyond preconceived notions of limitation or lack.

I've facilitated Joyful Manifesting over 60 times now since 2008, and clients tell me it keeps getting stronger and deeper. Month after month they've returned for benefits like these, now you can also:

  • Lighten up, let go of worry and other negative feelings
  • Drop your burdens and receive a fresh wave of faith and optimism
  • Loosen your attachment to striving, dissolve blocks and shift into inspired action
  • Release resistance, get out of your own way, stop self-sabotage-and start flowing with life
  • Gain clarity, focus and power so manifesting becomes faster and easier
  • Trust yourself, your abilities, other people, and the Universe more
  • Open up to opportunities, magic, and synchronicity, and attract them naturally
  • Enjoy your relationships and your life with overflowing fun, joy and pleasure
  • Expand your vision and sense of what is possible for you

Are you done with struggle and years of slow progress-and the belief that it has to be hard and take a long time? As a person who honors and loves yourself, the choice is yours:

Get moving-with support-get unstuck and take active steps to improve your life. OR choose to stand still.

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  • Want more details? Click here or feel free to contact me.
  • Contact me at HeartsAbode@gmail.com for a phone consultation to explore what you need, how my work can help and further information on this program in a phone consultation.

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What's the "secret sauce?" Why is Joyful Manifesting so effective?

The tools I use , especially the rapid-clearing of Resonance Repatterning is powerful! I've fine-tuned my use of these tools, my intuition and my sensitivity, through thousands of sessions, a daily meditation practice over 25 years, and the grace of teachers, lineages and guides that continue to work through me.

My inner work and "energy circuit maintenance" is ongoing. I keep my channels clear as much as possible to serve as an open clear conduit and facilitator for you. I do this through daily practices, physical and spiritual, and regular clearing work to recharge my energy and vital power.

When I go to work for you, I'm running all of that through my virtual "Fairy Godmother Wand".

Why Joyful Manifesting, why now?

We live in a world of Infinite Possibilities, and it is mostly our old conditioning that blocks us from tapping into the unlimited abundance of Source. Humans are just re-discovering our inborn powers of manifestation-through setting clear intentions and working co-creatively in partnership with Nature, in alignment with planetary/global currents and our Human Design.

At this time we are transitioning from the old paradigm of struggle and scarcity. We are moving into a new paradigm of the collective, knowing we are interconnected and that our actions affect the entire planet. The new ways are about manifesting with ease, trust and relaxing into abundance. All kinds of creative change is occurring within individuals and relationships. As result we are beginning to see organizations, communities, families and businesses thrive through mutual respect, high vibration communication and creating win-wins for everyone.

During this transition, both individually and collectively, we may "wobble" back and forth between the old ways and the new for some time before we stabilize in the new. Joyful Manifesting is a great support for this transition and helps you stabilize more into the new ways.

There will never be a better time than NOW, so why not jump in? Click here to register

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What really goes on during Joyful Manifesting? How does It work?

Joyful Manifesting provides you with three energy healing and belief clearing sessions within a one week period. Sessions are done by distance or proxy (no webinars, conference calls, done entirely virtually for you. Really.)

These are sessions of Resonance Repatterning ®,a laser=like, deep yet gentle system for positive change. Within the sessions, I am guided through intuition, kinesiology (muscle testing) and the copyrighted Repatterning protocols.

Program details:

Each time you sign up for Joyful Manifesting, you will receive highly effective energy work done for you, during the one week period around the full moon of that month.

You are included in 3 distance or proxy sessions that clear the path for you to manifest your goals and intentions during that week. Each person sets their own individual intentions and what I do during the energy healing group work is to clear, through the Resonance Repatterning process, whatever is in the way of your manifesting.

Q. How does the change happen? What is the "energy work" you are doing for me?

A. I do a Resonance Repatterning® session, 3 times during one week of each month. That's a lot of focused energy clearing in a short time.

I'm not just meditating, praying or sending you light. I am actually leading complex, comprehensive Resonance Repatterning group sessions where I identify the subconscious beliefs that block you-and clear them on your behalf.

Q. How do you uncover the negative beliefs and barriers for me?

A. I use kinesiology (muscle testing), intuition and written Resonance Repatterning protocols to name and identify the issues, and then muscle test which of the many modalities we use in repatterning, to clear away the issues.

Q. What do I have to do as a participant?

A. Here's why it's "Transformation Made Easy". First, of course you do need to register. When you do that, you are telling me "Include me in the shift".

Once you are registered: THREE SIMPLE actions, done on your schedule!

FIRST, and sometime before the first session begins:

Write down your two goals-the outcomes you want to manifest. When you register I provide some simple guidelines to help you write down your goals-what you want to change or improve in your life-to get the best results.

SECOND, as the notes are posted, after each session (you'll get an email saying notes are posted):

Read the session notes, which are one page reports I will post for you. They describe the work that was done for you-listing issues and beliefs that were cleared.

The notes are there to help you understand the session and make sense of the shifts, emotions and dreams you experience during and after the program.

THIRD, as soon as practical for you, complete the positive actions.

Do the positive actions as instructed in the session notes. Some sessions, but not all, will include a positive action. A positive action is like homework-but don't worry, this is not school--I keep them easy and do-able. Positive actions provide support and help you integrate the changes you have made.

Q. How will this affect me? Will it change my personality?

A. No worries---this won't put you into a trance or change your personality. The Joyful Manifesting Momentum program will shift your perceptions, feelings and beliefs ONLY in a positive direction and help you attract your desired outcomes.

You'll only be MORE FREE to be who you are and express yourself, without the limiting beliefs!

Q. What if I'm traveling or too busy to read the notes?

A. This program provides total time flexibility. The session itself is done for you, by me-regardless of your schedule. The notes are sent to help you understand and relate to the session that has already been done. Read the notes at any time--even a week or two later. The positive action can also be done at any time. We are operating outside of linear time here. (I won't bore you with the Quantum Physics involved!)

The notes and the positive actions are simply a reinforcement of the work already done for you. The results aren't compromised even if you don't look at your notes or don't do your homework.

Just continue on with your life, stay open, and you will still receive the positive benefits.

Q. Remind me again-what are the simple steps to get started?

Register here. Then, write down your goals, using the guidelines you'll get once you register. During the week of the program, the session notes will be posted on a private blog for you to read. You'll get an email reminder each time the notes are posted, and you can also go to the blog anytime to read the notes that are posted.

Notes are posted within 24-48 hours of each session and it is helpful to read them as soon as you can, to help you relate what you are experiencing in your life to what was addressed in the session. Whether you read the notes immediately, or ever--rest assured, the energy work is helping you. The notes are mainly there for your mental understanding.

If the session notes contain a positive action, do that. There is not always a positive action so just check.

That's it: sign up, set your intentions, read the notes and do any positive action. For most people, their total participation in the program will take no more than an hour to an hour and a half per month.

That's really all it takes, and at this level you'll find the sessions plenty powerful and the whole experience quite rich. I do 96.3% of the work for you!

There are ways to enhance the journey and accelerate your manifesting further with journaling and self-discovery exercises-ask me for suggestions if you'd like. Most people love to have it done for them and don't feel they need additional work.

At the end of it all...no more 'driving with the brakes on' as conflicting beliefs and counter-intentions get eliminated. Most of us have many counter intentions that pull us in two directions at once, such as "I deserve more prosperity" yet "If I have money or success, others will resent me".

What you find, as you clear the path, is that you develop a prosperity mindset , and start to feel deserving, ready, willing and SAFE to receive. These mindset shifts feel great and help you naturally gain MOMENTUM because you are energized and TAKING ACTION.

Ready to get started today? Click here

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FAQ's-Frequently asked questions about Joyful Manifesting

Q. What is this program and how does it work?

A. All sessions are done by proxy-at a distance. You do a small amount of advance preparation-writing the goals down. The rest of your work is reading session notes and completing any positive actions assigned in the notes. That's all YOU do. I do the session and most of the "work" for you. You don't have to go anywhere, call in to a bridge line. You can be sleeping, eating, lying on the beach, working or even be outside somewhere playing with a friend!

Q. What actually happens once I register and tell you to proxy me in?

A. You'll receive a thank you and an acknowledgement of your registration plus instructions on how to write your goals and prepare for the first proxy session. Sometime within the full moon week, I do Sessions 1,2, and 3, following the steps of the (copyrighted) Resonance Repatterning process, and include your intentions and issues in the session. Within 24-48 hours of the session you'll get an email with session notes by email so you know what came up in the session. In the notes I also tell you if there is any positive action (homework).

At your earliest convenience, read the session notes. and do the positive action from the session (if any).

After you complete the positive action, all you have to do is relax and stay open as powerful new insights and wonderful manifestations appear in your life.

Q. I really don't have to do anything while the session happens?

A Truly, you don't. More time to do other things while the energy shifts are done for you. That's the beauty of sessions by proxy. How cool is that?

Q. How can it work if I'm not consciously aware while it's happening?

A. This is energy work-done in the energy "field". This "field" is where everything that we can see touch and hear-exists at a kind of blueprint level of energy. This "field of all possibility" is the source of all that exists, according to quantum physics AND the ancient wisdom of India.

The changes you experience come mainly from changing the subconscious programming. The subconscious mind, NOT the conscious mind, drives 90% of our behavior. So changes at the subconscious level lead to powerful transformation.

The beauty of Resonance Repatterning, hypnotherapy and energy psychology methods like EFT are that they primarily address the subconscious mind. In contrast, most traditional therapies address only the conscious mind and that's why they can take a long time and seem so arduous.

What a relief! Your conscious mind can take backseat for a change; it does not have to be involved with the process for it to work. Instead, set clear intentions and give permission to be included, by signing up, and let Resonance Repatterning and my energy 'backhoe' do the work for you.

Q. I'm new to all this-would proxy work for me?

A. Proxy sessions will always have a positive impact on you. So, the session WILL work ON you. And it's perfectly okay to be a little skeptical too-you don't have to believe in it to get the benefits. But I'd also like the proxy session to work FOR you.

If you are brand new to repatterning, and want to get a better sense of how it works, DON'T have your first session by proxy. I recommend a DIRECT (not proxy) taste of this work, in one of two ways: 
One-Listen here: http://tinyurl.com/c2kp5hl (free) as I take you through a pre-recorded session. You will receive an actual session as you listen and follow along.

Two-sign up for a private session with me first. Working with me one-on-one, by phone or Skype you'll receive the most powerful and immediate kind of session and feel the changes happening as we work together. You'll then understand Resonance Repatterning and get much more out of proxy work.

Q. What if I know about energy work or am highly intuitive?

A. If you're new to repatterning but "get" energy work, or are intuitive, you'll love this. So sure, go ahead and proxy in. And stay tuned for the shift!

Still more questions? Please contact me at HeartsAbode@gmail.com for a free consultation and I'll be happy to answer them.

Otherwise, go here to register now.

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Joyful Manifesting Dates for 2017:


Choose Your Membership level:

Gold: Monthly subscription, auto-renews for 6 months. $57 a month

Membership automatically renews for 6 months. In the first week of your 6th month you'll receive a renewal notice and if you do not renew, your gold membership ends. You can stop receiving sessions at any time--cancel by the 28th of any month to end your regular participation for the next month.

Other benefit:

  • Private session(s) at a discount ($125) must be taken within your subscription period.

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Gold: Monthly subscription, auto-renews for 6 months. $77 a month (Gift-A-Friend option)

Membership automatically renews for 6 months. In the first week of your 6th month you'll receive a renewal notice and if you do not renew, your gold membership ends. You can stop receiving sessions at any time--cancel by the 28th of any month to end your regular participation for the next month.

Other benefit:

  • Private session(s) at a discount ($125) must be taken within your subscription period.

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Silver: A la carte, purchase by month. $81 a month

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