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"The repatterning work with you has been great for me! A week ago I participated in the group repatterning wanting to manifest $25,000. I found out yesterday that I am getting a $26,000 bonus. In three of the past six years my company chose to not pay out bonuses, so it was not a given that I was going to receive anything.

In addition, I participated in your three-day intensive and believe I broke through a very negative pattern as it relates to men. I used to date "below me", give my power to men, and stay in unhappy relationships because I don't want to be alone. Recently, instead of talking myself into going on a second date with someone, I called him and cancelled and was even honest about why I changed my mind. I felt so strong and good about myself. I deserve the best... not second best!"

From another participant: "I I didn't know what to expect, but I was evidently 'called' to join in your last manifesting session. Gotta say "WOW!"
Today I was filled with energy, confidence, and freedom from some pain that has dogged me for a month. It has to be more than a coincidence."

Mercury Retrograde E-Z 2017: Don't Leave Home (or turn on your computer) without it!

A simple way to avoid potential challenges & frustrations, and keep your sanity and sense of humor.

OY! Mercury retrograde happens FOUR times in 2017-and it lasts for three weeks. It can be really stressful-and three weeks is a long time for everything to slow down, when machines can go haywire, and we are prone to missed communications, crossed wires and misunderstandings. Contracts you sign during a retrograde often have to be revised.

It is especially challenging if you don't know what's going on, and if you don't know how to flow with this energy. (A great site to read more about this is www.alphalifetrends.com)

Good news: Struggle and suffering not required. No need to tear your hair out, lose sleep, smash your computer to smithereens or bark at your significant other! Go ahead, and sign up below to get yourself repatterned by me so you can sail through the Mercury retrograde periods with less tension and frustration. Experience an energy shift and gain awareness of how to avoid challenges around machine breakdowns, communication problems, and misunderstandings around contracts and major purchases.

Not only can you minimize stress, but you can learn to work with the energy of each retrograde instead of fighting it!

We can't change the planets and what they do..but we can shift how they affect us-and how we respond to the challenges they bring.

"In the past I found Mercury retrograde times really stressful, but with Ellen's repatternings, it's just easier to get through. Keep me signed up, please! DS, writer

"While I don't have a choice WHETHER to go through a Mercury retrograde, I can make a choice about HOW I get through it..with struggle or with ease. These repatternings are a great way to smooth the way-and proxy suits my busy life." TG, entrepreneur

How? Sign up for my program of proxy repatterning sessions and I'll repattern you for a flowing, easier Mercury retrograde experience.

When is Mercury retrograde this year? When are the sessions? A session will be done within 3 days preceding each retrograde period. (see dates **below). Because it is proxy, I do all the work-you just go about your life. You don't have to call me or listen to a recording.

After the session is done, I send you session notes so you can understand what was shifted. You might have a simple positive action for follow up, and if you do, it will be in the notes.

That's all you do-sign up and let me do the work. It is truly E-Z!

Mercury Retrograde E-Z Sessions for 2017

Pricing: Single sessions are $45, take all 3 for $115. (Pay as you go for all 3 is $135).

Individual sessions-pay as you go


Q. What is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological event that happens 3 or 4 times every year. In 2017 we are blessed with only 3 Mercury retrograde cycles.

Q. What does it mean, why should you care?

These are three week periods when Mercury appears to be moving backwards in its orbit (as viewed from Earth). Anything that is governed by Mercury, which rules communication, could potentially be affected. Things slow down... for example, it may take days for people to call you back when that does not normally happen. Often there are misunderstandings, errors in details, arrangements, and contracts. Machinery, especially computers, phones and the like may be more prone to problems. The whole world just seems more catty-wampus and people may feel confused or disoriented. It is also a time when people or events from the past pop back into your life in some way.

Some of us are affected more than others, depending on our on astrological charts, and also each retrograde has different qualities because of the sign it occurs in and other aspects at the time of the retrograde. (For more on Mercury retrograde, check this site: www.alphalifetrends.com)

It can be a real drag...but the sessions will help you sail through a lot more easily. And, there are some good uses of the retrograde time, which you'll be learning about.

For just a wee bit o' green, why not make your life a little easier this year? Remember, we'll be spending 12 weeks in Mercury retrograde mode in 2017!

Note: the effects of the retrograde can start to be felt up to two weeks before and after it ends, and the strongest impact is usually experienced right when Mercury is transitioning from direct to retrograde and back again. (Two to four days right before it goes retrograde, and two to four days right after it stations direct again.)

Mercury Retrograde E-Z Sessions for 2017

Pricing: Single sessions are $45, take all 3 for $115. (Pay as you go for all 3 is $135).

Individual sessions-pay as you go