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"The repatterning work with you has been great for me! A week ago I participated in the group repatterning wanting to manifest $25,000. I found out yesterday that I am getting a $26,000 bonus. In three of the past six years my company chose to not pay out bonuses, so it was not a given that I was going to receive anything.

In addition, I participated in your three-day intensive and believe I broke through a very negative pattern as it relates to men. I used to date "below me", give my power to men, and stay in unhappy relationships because I don't want to be alone. Recently, instead of talking myself into going on a second date with someone, I called him and cancelled and was even honest about why I changed my mind. I felt so strong and good about myself. I deserve the best... not second best!"

From another participant: "I I didn't know what to expect, but I was evidently 'called' to join in your last manifesting session. Gotta say "WOW!"
Today I was filled with energy, confidence, and freedom from some pain that has dogged me for a month. It has to be more than a coincidence."

What If Money Did Grow on Trees–Your Family Tree? Clear Your Ancestral Blocks to Prosperity

Have you noticed that some people are doing well financially despite 'the economy'?

Under-earning, massive debt, boom and bust cycles, or not living up to your potential–are signs that your ancestral lineage is likely holding you back. Any unresolved issues in your family lineage will block the flow of money, success and abundance.

Unless you address the real root of the problem, all the affirmations, visualizing prosperity, even the concrete actions you take to generate clients and money won't move you forward.

With Ancestral Alchemy* work, discover a whole new level of beliefs and history that is in the way of the prosperity and abundance you desire. Most of us are holding onto all kinds of stuff from our family lineage that is getting in our way–but it's at a deeply subconscious level. This could be vows, feuds with relatives, unresolved issues around inheritances, negative beliefs about money, memories of poverty, war, violence, financial loss, persecution or slavery. These things have been difficult to uncover--until now!

Ancestral Alchemy for Prosperity is for you if:

  • You struggle with debt, not earning enough money, or not handling it well;

  • You're uneasy or feel immediately obligated whenever someone gives you something;

  • You wait for the hidden price tag or 'other shoe to drop' after something good happens.

Whatever way that YOU are blocking your own blessings and financial abundance--it doesn't really matter how–you can clear those blocks, NOW.

I offer you 20+ years of experience clearing financial blocks, my compassionate yet laser-like guidance PLUS kinesiology and the rapid clearing you get from bringing the Resonance Repatterning system together with Ancestral Alchemy.

"After the Ancestral Alchemy work, I felt a sense of peace and forgiveness, and the freedom to move on with my life, that I haven't had from therapy and other work I've done. I could actually feel love from my father, and for him, which has been a very hard thing for me to do. Thank you so much!"- A.G., holistic practitioner

Tele-Session #1: Becoming an Excellent Receiver: Clearing Blocks to Receiving Money, Success and all good things

Wednesday August 29th at 8:15-9:30 pm Eastern

One way to know how good a receiver you area is by what you do when you get a compliment. Do you shrug it off, or say, "Oh, that was nothing"? That creates a block for the giver. The Universe–and other people won't tend to give readily to you if you can't receive gracefully. Were you taught that it's better to give than receive, or to put yourself last? We can turn away or even repel money and other great stuff like gifts, compliments, and help from others–when we can't receive and insist on always being the giver.

Bottom line: If you want more prosperity in your life you need to be open to receiving it!

Tele-Session 2: Clearing Your Nun Karma - Release Vows of Poverty, Invisibility, Martyrdom & Suppressing your Joy

Wednesday September 5th at 8:15-9:30 pm Eastern

Many, many healers, artists, entrepreneurs and creative types--and spiritual people in all walks of life--struggle to earn money and to thrive because of unreleased vows of poverty, renunciation, and invisibility. The Nun Karma Repatterning addresses vows or sacred promises that block us in earning money from doing what we love, in being vibrantly healthy and alive, in following our soul's true path, in having joyful relationships and creative self-expression.

This session is PERFECT for you if you: are afraid to be successful, worry that having more money could bring problems, feel that money is tainted, or that people with money aren't spiritual, don't like to deal with money.

COST for all this transformation: Each of these sessions "a la carte" is $40. If you take both sessions it's just $60 and you get a special bonus session (see below).

PRIVATE SESSION SPECIAL: Individual Ancestral Alchemy sessions can be purchased at a great discount, if you want deeper personalized support. Pay for the session when you register for the group and it's only $75 more! (Normal fee is $135). Must be taken by September 30th.

Bonus Session: It's Safe, It's Fun, It's Easy for Me to Have Money and Prosperity (by distance or proxy)

Saturday September 8th - No call in needed for this distance session (Optional Q&A call at 11:30 am Eastern)

You might be blocking your success and growth by not wanting to go beyond your family or ethnic group-not consciously, of course. According to Family Constellations, we honor our family lineage and our ancestors, and stay connected to them, by holding onto their pain and limitations. We need permission and blessings from our lineage to break free from past history and have the fullest lives we are meant to have, NOW.

This bonus session is available ONLY if you sign up for both tele-sessions. PLUS, Share the wealth: Gift the bonus session to as many friends as you'd like. Just ask me how and I'll be happy to explain.

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"During the Abundance session, you brought up the Argument repatterning and the need for a "mutual apology" and forgiveness. Well, I was amazed because just before our session had started, I had gotten into a disturbing argument with my brother.

I had been so upset I was unable to concentrate on work--our argument was ironically disrupting my flow with abundance. The next morning I called him and we just flowed into a mutual apology of forgiveness. He had been miserable after our argument, too. We've argued like that before, but this time we were conscious of how awful it really was. It was the first time since I can remember that we were both so present and aware of how we had hurt one another.

This was huge Ellen. In one short session walls came tumbling down and I could see and feel my profound need to share apology and forgiveness with him. Finally I was able to tell him exactly what I needed to tell him and I was able to hear him share the same need. How beautiful. It makes me feel supported in the deepest ways, which help me get on with my life." Gina A., copywriter


*What is Ancestral Alchemy?

TThe Ancestral Alchemy work includes energy work and ritual that is based on Family Constellations Therapy created by Bert Hellinger. It is done with Resonance Repatterning sessions that use the Family Constellations principles. These repatternings were written by Carin Block, a therapist, Family Constellations practitioner and Resonance Repatterning teacher. I have further evolved this work based on intuitive guidance and knowledge of the Vedic, yogic and certain shamanic traditions. I offer it in group sessions, one- on- one, and as part of longer workshops.

The Ancestral Alchemy work is based on principles and practices of Family Constellations therapy as taught by Bert Hellinger and others, but it is NOT Constellations work per se. Applying concepts from Family Constellations; I work in the repatterning format, where we use kinesiology or muscle checking to find the repatterning that will best address the issues. While Family Constellation work is done in a group, Ancestral Alchemy work is often done through individual sessions, and can also be done in groups. 

What makes Family System work so effective and different from the usual energy healing or therapy?

The Family System work addresses roots of our problems that most other therapies miss. It helps us to identify and heal causes that we would otherwise not be aware of.

An issue that has family system roots has more to do with ancestors or with the entire family and its history. Most therapies only look at your history growing up with your parents and siblings. Family systems work shows how you can be affected by relatives you never knew, by your ethnic origin (slavery has left a HUGE imprint on African Americans for example), and by many other events that are not in your conscious awareness (like your parents or grandparents living through the Great Depression).

One example is the idea of systemic loyalty. This is where you are holding onto a problem for the sake of loyalty to your family system. We are "being loyal" by fitting in to whatever our family says is the right thing to do. In one family, being happy might be the 'right thing ', in another family it might be that just earning enough to get by, or feeling depressed, is the 'right thing', the 'way our family is'.

By being loyal we are accepted, we belong--we are one of the family. When we belong we are taken care of--we receive love, food, shelter and the support we need, from our family. We really have no choice but to be loyal-our survival, especially when we are young, depends on it. To be loyal means to do whatever our family says is the right thing to do. Each family has their own code--in one family, being happy might be the 'right thing ', in another family it might be that being sad is the 'right thing'.

Loyalty is just one of the many possible issues we address in Family Systems work. You might need blessings or permission from your ancestors to live differently and release feelings, beliefs and vows made in earlier generations. You may need to connect to your ancestors and feel the life force flowing from them to us. You might need to clear patterns from the Violence Cycle, which over generations, keeps people repeating the role of victim or perpetrator.

The Ancestral Alchemy work is a powerful new way to clear blockages in any area of your life, from money, career, health and relationships, even creativity and spirituality.